Get on Board.

A community. Connected.
Thank you, Ann Arbor for participating in the Connector events and providing your valuable feedback.  The Connector concept remains a focus as a transportation solution for our community.

By investing in the Connector concept, we can offer needed access to reliable, high-capacity transportation that minimizes negative effects on the environment and helps support a strong and thriving community.

Modern transportation solutions are a priority for this community and corridor.

“Smarter” systems of innovative and integrated transportation solutions are being developed—to capitalize on current opportunities and yield better connectivity, more capacity, and reduce congestion for core segments.

Much higher than anticipated costs for the next phase of the Connector study have required the project team to refocus its efforts to core segments of the corridor, which are most congested and carry the highest volume of trips.

Solutions will align with Connector's long-term objectives for a high capacity system, be deployed incrementally, building a foundation that enables evolving technology and advance a sustainable model that sets Ann Arbor up for the next century.

Let’s move forward. Together.

We’re dedicated to investing in detailed research in order to design a convenient and smarter transportation system. It’s important to have the right solution in place for today’s needs, while remaining flexible to adapt to the future of transportation.

  • City of Ann Arbor Michigan
  • University of Michigan
  • DDA
  • The Ride
Click here to view information about the Connector Alternatives Analysis from the last phase of study